Frequently asked questions

What is Vintage Photo Lounge?

Vintage Photo Lounge is a fully functional mobile photo booth built inside a 1963 Shasta trailer. The photo booth is equipped with the latest photo booth technology and high quality printng.

Will Gerty fit in my venue?

Gerty will fit in most outdoor venues and will often work with indoor hotels and venues. We will work with you and your contacts at the venue to confirm that Gerty will fit. As long as there is auto access to inside the venue (A bay door that is at least 10 feet high by 9 feet wide). The overall space needed to accommodate Gerty is a minimum of 20x20.

What are the electrical requirements for the photo booth?

The trailer will need to be within 50 feet of an electrical outlet, 110 volts. The standard package averages under 10 amps of electricity. If your venue does not have access to electricity or an outlet, we can provide a generator for an additonal $100 fee.

How many people can fit in the trailor?

It will fit 6 adults comfortably, but limited to 12 people for quality.

Do you print on-site photos?

Yes, each photo session will print out one side-by-side photo strip for your guests (2X6) or a single 4X6

How long will it take to receive my digital files from my event?

Your digital photos will be available within 10 business days after you event.


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